A Gathering Storm

Looking for Israel

I believe the Palestinians deserve a state. But as a Jew and a Zionist I’ve long believed that you don’t have to care about justice or fairness or anything else for the Palestinians or care anything about the Palestinians at all to support the creation of a Palestinian state. It is obviously in Israel’s interest. To be clear, I’m not at all indifferent to the Palestinian people and their aspirations for a state and the dignity of self-determination. Quite the opposite. My point is simply to say that if your thing is the fate of Israel and the Jewish people, self-interest is – or should be – entirely adequate to come to this conclusion.

Josh links to a couple of posts, the last one which links to a couple of pieces by Israeli intelligence chiefs, which are all worth reading as the ground is shifting in the region and American media outlets are proving themselves incapable or unwilling to report on the developements necessary to come to a rational analysis of the situation, more especially so if you are rather ill informed on the historical situation in the Middle East in general

At war’s end, Lawrence’s vision of Arab independence was shattered when the Versailles peace conference confirmed the carving of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine into British and French spheres of influence; arbitrary boundaries drawn in the sand to satisfy the appetites of empire – Britain’s Foreign Office even called the former Ottoman lands “The Great Loot.”

Before I started blogging I was ignorant of most of this stuff, and yet ignorance is one of those things that can be treated with education.

Stupid on the other hand, has no cure.

Update: I found this to be interesting as perspective,

The upshot is that there are now truly two states between the sea and the Jordan river. On the one hand, the coastal area, where Israelis live as well as they can as a national community – certainly with gigantic social problems, but not intractable in the context of a robust democratic tradition. And on the other hand, the country behind the wall and the 1967 line – and the patchwork of Israeli special administrative zones in occupied West Bank. This second Israeli country has very different laws – which seems to favor the forcible expropriation of Arab property, and a very distinctive culture (to put it diplomatically). And the tragedy is that the second Israel holds considerable sway over the first Israel.

The point being, we get a very biased and limited view of Israel in America, and the less time and or inclination one has to delve into things the more biased, or propagandized perhaps is more apropos, one’s understanding and position becomes.

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