The Grand Reach Around

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, don’t get fooled again

The head-scratching question continues to be, why? Why are the discredited “experts” who botched Iraq last time now being a given a platform to comment on the military crisis they helped create? And why are these rejected mouthpieces being given a chance to bash President Obama, someone who opposed the failed war in the first place? (ABC’s Jonathan Karl to Cheney: “What would you do in Iraq?” Left unsaid: Cheney left office with a 13 percent approval rating, in large part for leading the charge for the Bush administration’s failed invasion.)

Why the strange rehabilitation? Here’s a hint: People might be forgetting the deep bond that ran between the compliant Beltway media in 2003 and the very same failed Iraq War architects and partisan boosters the press is now turning to for advice. In other words, the Beltway press was part of the Iraq problem then. (They sold us a disastrous war.) So it’s not that surprising the press is part of the problem now.

It’s understandable that the beltway boys and girls would like to rewrite the narrative, if only for their own self-esteem. Unfortunately the best treatment for a bad trip is not to drop another hit of acid.


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