Take Care Little Children

For there are many that walk among us that have come to a great understanding of the rules and regulations that God, through Christ, has given to the Apostle Paul to prepare for Himself a prepared people, but have no knowledge in their own hearts of the things the Christ delivered to you in the Gospels, and these ones are lacking in the knowledge of the heart.

It is better then to be a stable boy in the kings livery, or a maid servant in the house of the king, than to have all the glory of those who wield the Scriptures as a club, beating the weak and sowing dissension among the congregations with the words of superior understanding. Do not be misled. No man knows the mind of God.

For the freedom that God has delivered to you through Jesus Christ our Lord is that of love, and those that do not teach, reprove and set matters straight in love are in a darkness greater than those whom they rail against.

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