Inwhich Tom Freidman Considers Everything Except Minding Our Own Business

The conundrum of the daily narrative,

In Iraq, the Shiite prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki — who had the best chance, the most oil money and the most help from the U.S. in writing a social contract for how to govern Iraq horizontally — chose instead, from the moment the Americans left, to empower Iraqi Shiites and disempower Iraqi Sunnis. It’s no surprise that Iraqi Sunnis decided to grab their own sectarian chunk of the country.

If only they had read the Jeffersonian Bible,

What to do? It was not wrong to believe post-9/11 that unless this region produced decent self-government it would continue to fail its own people and deny them the ability to realize their full potential, which is why the Arab Spring happened, and that its pathologies would also continue to spew out the occasional maniac, like Osama bin Laden, who could threaten us.

That CIA blowback gets you everytime, Tom. Look at Iran and ask yourself, if the Americans had left that democracy alone would that horizontal, democratic government done everything in the Middle East that you seem to think post 9/11 America seems to think is its’ job one? It’s hard to decide if you’re more obtuse about history, or current events.

And when discussing governments failing to give their own people the ability to realize their full potential, I would posit that you would not have to leave New York City to find such government and conditions that seem to you to be so deplorable abroad.

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