The News Millennials

Putting the baby boom out to pasture,

As millennial and millennial-adjacent journalists—those of us 32 and younger, plus all you slightly older allies who, you know, “get” us (hi, guys)—age into editorial and entrepreneurial roles, it’s no longer enough to shrug that The Kids seem to get their news from Facebook and leave it at that. (Once sucked into its system, every group of people likes getting news from Facebook.) The problem, media companies are realizing, may not be that millennials don’t want news (or won’t pay for it)—it’s that industry leaders enamored of the pre-digital world haven’t tried all that hard to sell news to millennials. Now that we’re grown up enough to start being a little louder and clearer about what it is we might read or watch or share, media outlets led by millennials, targeted to millennials, and writing stories about the issues millennials care about are getting not only traffic, but the money to continue growing it.

Contrast that with the tripe we just saw this morning on national news magazines. They aren’t even trying to sell news to their own demographic. It’s Villagers, talking to Villagers about narratives held by Villagers. Whether their are crashing from DMA or AMT is the only question.

If there’s any agreement on what it is that millennials might want, it’s that dry won’t do. We don’t want to be treated like adults, in some stuffy, formal set-up; we respond better to being talked to, not at. It’s clear that millennials look at their phones—a lot—and that anyone who wants to talk to one needs to find a way into the streams of information that they’re chugging like cheap beer at a college party. Past that, it’s still anyone’s game.

This blog works well for that.


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