How To Join The Twitterverse

And avoid it being a drag.

Over the years, I’ve forged some great friendships via Twitter and met people I would have no hope of just meeting on the street as a result. It’s a great tool for networking and I love being a part of it.

But lately there’s been a series of stories about why Twitter is in trouble. Its user growth is flatlining. Executives are leaving the company. People aren’t joining Twitter as quickly as they were supposed to.

This perplexed me. Why is it that I can get so much value from the network, but new users can’t see that value? Why can’t I convince friends that it’s so good?

I decided to sign up for a new account to see what the on boarding experience is like for new users. It’s the most important part of joining the network for new users, so I wanted to see how they’re encouraged to use it.

It sounds a lot like micro wave ovens. You think all it does is reheat coffee, but then someone gives you a recipe for cooking a turkey and potato. Here’s your recipe.


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