Why Journalism Still Matters

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Despite all this, The Unleashed Scandal provides an excellent guide to surviving a digitally exposed scandal. So if you are a sporting millionaire with a lingerie model wife but still choose to sext and subsequently pork every woman you meet on the street, take heed of the following 10-point checklist:

1. At the first hint of public scandal, don’t get involved. Don’t be interviewed. Don’t be door-stopped. Don’t admit anything. Don’t deny anything. Just shut the fuck up.

2. Quietly delete as much online evidence as you can without leaving a trail that you were ever there. Don’t send texts to women asking them to delete texts that you sent to women.

3. Leave the scandal to boil. Eventually people will start feeling sorry for you and even the scandal’s participants will begin filling the silence by apologising for making it public in the first place.

Now just to fair to you before you go to the link and discover it goes two pages, a definite internet no-no, and that of ten things only three are blockquoted here and so the other seven are what you really need to know, I care, I really do.


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