Party Like Its’ 1968

If reports are true, Tricky Dicky had one more up his sleeve for us baby boomers before we too are entombed with him in other people s imagination of death, just as we are as entombed by all our certainties of our individual memories in the today.

So it is with deep and abiding sighing that I inform you that the federal government was engaged the internet long before the mission of the NSA became illegal eavesdropping on Americans. The federal government was spying 1968, and with all due reform respect has continued to expand in capability and application under the clone vehicles of telling us what they want us to hear. 46 years covers a lot of governmental reforms of surveillance such as to grow into what we have today.

It wasn’t just a bunch of long haired hippies and topless women singing last years hits out of key and tune, it was Nixon the rat showing his teeth, urging the hard hats/silent majority/people like us to yell fire! People were in the streets carrying signs and yelling or yelling at the imaginary hippies which the people like us liked to be told back then too.

So I no longer think that all things change, because obviously, some things don’t.

As to other various and sundry screwups, which we collectively as American bear the responsibility for, it doesn’t matter who was right or wrong about Iraq in 2002, the question is what is right in 2014? Or is Iraq the, “last year’s new toy?”

Nations and armies seem to conquer on their stomachs, not their brains. We give the appearance of being Pinky and the Brain ourselves in America.

But the sad fact is so long as we have freedom of speech and at liberty to express our opinion, then as, momentarily forgotten Congressman said, ‘If we should loose all of our rights except that of free speech, we should quickly recover all of those we lost.’ ( I paraphrase.)

Guest posted by: Webe Hear.


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