A Word In Edgewise

I think we all just got taken to the wood shed.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Right now. You read my words, now read his. I want you to read this warrior’s words, every one of them. You don’t have to agree with him, but you need to see the situation through a Marine’s eyes, though the eyes of those who wear the uniform and who stand into danger with steadfast devotion.

I pass this along for your own considerations, having found it, in my own mind, adding to the complexity without clarifying further the correct course of action, which remains to let the Pentagon sort this out with the procedures they have worked out over the years. We are still stuck with the Rolling Stone information from 2012, and we are now aware of the tactical thinking of a Marine Captain, whose primary concern and duty is to his people under his command. We know more of our intelligence and tactical capabilities that were not deployed, but not much more about the people traded for Bergdahl, if we are the sum of our experiences, or Bergdahl himself for that matter, and being left with only hearsay there is no basis for any judgement on our part to be made of even this new information.

Rescue was not deployed for reasons beyond our kiln as well. We are left therefore, in the dark tactically as well as strategically, and this too is the playground of emotions, but not reason.

Politically one can let their emotions run wild, and many do, but as a matter of rational judgment no one at this point has any basis for one on any of the matters brought to our attention for consideration. The jury is not only out, it has not at this juncture even been selected.


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