Inside The Mind Of The Las Vegas Shooter

Mother Jones has dug up some of the Millers’ writings on InfoWars, Alex Jones site, which gives some insight into what was going on in their heads.

His posts on Infowars depict an angry, down-on-his-luck man who blamed his woes—decaying teeth, lack of health insurance, and inability to find work—on the tyranny of government. (Alex Jones has insisted the shooting spree Miller and his wife allegely carried out was “absolutely staged” by the federal government.) The justice system became a focus of Miller’s wrath following his arrest for selling marijuana. “Before I got arrested I had 2 jobs and was selling weed to my friends and family on the side,” he wrote. “Now I cannot find a job. My probation officer states that if I protest that my probation will be violated. They have tried to tell my fiance, who has no criminal record, that she may not own a firearm if I live in the house. Now, i face a dire problem.”

Anyone who has ever been busted for possession has those feelings of resentment towards the criminal justice system, most of us are able to let them go to.

In Miller’s May 2012 post, he also related another brush with law: when he was searched by police at the home a friend who had an open warrant for his arrest.

Now, that was my last encounter with police officers. I’m afraid they may try to do some stuff like that to my fiance and I. For the most part, I’m a law abiding citizen. I believe in Gods law. You know the ones. Dont steal, dont murder, etc. I fear that if they came, even with a warrant, that I feel they are being unlawfull and infringing upon my rghts. I feel that I have been violated and tread upon. That the so called justice system has done me harm. I do not wish to kill police. I understand that most of them believe they are doing the right thing. Yet, I will not go to jail, because I have not committed a crime!

There are so many levels of failure here, both individual and collectively you’ll have to sort that out for yourself, within the context of your reality. I can point you in directions to discover just how amazing you mind and brain are, how mind-boggling the universe is, and perhaps touch on how this is all the working out of God’s purpose, which is unfathomable to us, no matter how devout we may claim to be, because we are too finite in existence and too warped in our survival to really grasp either the physical or spiritual aspects of our lives.

God is love, and love does not work evil towards its’ neighbors. If that is true then our religious institutions are utter failures at inculcating that into their adherents, and that is excluding the Christ mongers and prophet mongers in the business of fleecing the sheep. If you have read the last two books I recommended then the fallacies of reasoning are numerous, and generally held. That too requires effort on your part, I can only point in the direction of understanding the human mind, and even that is subjective to an extent, but in this case North American study groups fit the bill to study North American violence, attitudes and fallacies. Two wars this century should reenforce the awareness that other cultures and people, although having the same DNA and for that matter, creator, do not exactly conform to North American perceptions, nor do they wish to, nor should we expect them to do so, anymore than we should conform to the world’s at large.

But we should not blame religion, institutions or science for our own laziness in coming to grips with our existence, for our challenges unmet, our failures in obtaining to goals or our successes in doing so. We are as humans the center of the universe just as the Earth is, and if we forget just how miniscule even the largest stars, or the largest galaxies, or the largest clusters of galaxies are in relationship to the entire physical universe, if not multiple universes, then we have a false perspective of the Earth, and conversely of ourselves in universe, or better still, multiverse of human kind.

It is not enough to observe, for even those who remain technologically backwards, must be acknowledged in some manner or fashion by their fellow humans to maintain their sanity, to know where they stand in the order of things, even if that order is as chaotic as American society, or the Milky Way, which has the appearance of a steady state unless we are forced to observe them more closely.

It is past time for us to realize that it is in our similarity with other cultures, races and genders that we derive our order, and those who require a hierarchy will be those who will be considered boors, racists and misogynists, because it is the only order that they have the mental tools to impose upon themselves and the universe of mankind. But the physical universe gives lie to that assumption, and we are of the universe, the remnants of ancient stars molded into the image of God, for his purpose and his delight. That’s hard to wrap your head around. But the universe writ large has no hierarchy, it has physical laws and infinite space. Our mental ability has infinite room to expand, but our physicality, our tribes, nations, religions and race are confining, and thus unnatural.

A lot of this stuff seems to be occurring, but only because it is being reported. It is a human infatuation to look upon the misfortune of others, and even with the, but for the grace of God there go I, it grants the rest of us a moment of superiority, if only in luck, than those whose misfortune we are rapturously paying heed to. Yet there is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again, and what is will be no more, and it is a vanity and striving after wind to suppose that we can do anymore than love God’s creation in all its’ majestic chaos, including those who hate us. Those of us who would claim the mantle of Christ are under greater obligation to love those who hate us than they to return the due of mankind. But those whom God would call sons and daughters he scourges, and if that is what you seek, then do not complain of the things that belong to God.

Quit pretending you understand, no one does. Killing the ones who think they do proves nothing at all, other than that the deluded may kill the deluded. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah, the beginning of knowledge is the admission of ignorance. These events only prove that mankind has mastered neither concept. Peace begins in your own head.


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