I Have Not Yet Begun To Spite

Not there yet Hillary.

I’ve come to think of this in a slightly different way. I think this was decided back in Denver in 2008. The primary campaign was a near tie with Clinton continuing to win races all the way up to the end. (In any previous presidential campaign there would have definitely been a convention challenge to such a tight outcome.) It featured two important “firsts” with an African American and a woman competing for the same prize. It was very emotional. The political arguments among the two camps were fierce but they were both coming from the same center-left policywing of the party, which means there was an agreement, somewhat by default, that this agenda was the preferred agenda of the voters. Both sides fought tooth and nail for the same policies.

It’s daunting to disagree with Digs, but then I’ve pissed everyone else on the leftern progressive wing off so why not now? Via the link

What explains the apparent calm? The most obvious answer is the unspoken pact between Hillary’s world and Obama’s: For Clinton, the pact means she gets the Obama donors and operatives who helped derail her first presidential run (and, more importantly, she denies their services to any potential challenger). In return, Obama ends up with the Democratic nominee best able to make sure his accomplishments outlive his administration. As a senior White House aide from Obama’s first term told me, “I think it’s a good thing that she’s the odds on favorite to be president next. … If it weren’t for her, I’d be worried about Obama’s legacy, Obamacare, all those things.” Neither side has an interest in violating the terms of this win-win deal with more than two years left on the clock.

I’m sure the NSA will take care of Obama’s legacy, so Hillary need not concern herself with that aspect of his Presidency anyway.

Just so you know, Hillary is going to have to earn my support, and being a neo-con and DLCer are two steps in the wrong direction, so she’ll have to cover a lot of ground just to get to the line. That doesn’t mean I won’t support her, but anyone that thinks it’s a given is mistaken.

I also think it was a mistake on their part for her to go to state instead of staying in the Senate to work on healthcare reform, but that’s old water under the bridge. I was pretty tolerant of Obama, and to a degree still am, because like everyone else in the Village they missed the economy being borked in 2008, ( and if that mindset is still prevalent, (and why wouldn’t it be?),) and took care of Wall Street which produces nothing, over Mainstreet which is still tanking for millions of olds and youngs, then Obama’s legacy will have a chapter written about that as well.

So we’ll see. My take is it is the producers turn, the rentiers have had theirs.


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