37 Hours

Without a cigarette.

Best time since Boats turned out the smoking lamp in Bootcamp. Alas a failure too.

I’ve found the e-cigarette helpful, yet not satisfying in the same way, with a lot of the side effects of smoking not being addressed. I plan to start quiting again, perhaps this evening, although having read the books recommended in previous posts I’m also not deluding myself on myself, well not too much anyway, but to assuage the guilt of failure have set Sunday night as the absolute next deadline. If past is prologue I would expect being an asshole will increase exponentially during that time period.

Having fifteen years being alcohol free I’m not sure that I’m working all the tricks for quitting that addiction with this one, either, so I’m rereading a bunch of stuff including Russian research Into alcoholism that has been laying around since.

Stupid books.


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