To The Rear March

Is it left to liberal blogs to come to the defense of an innocent until proven guilty, home schooled, conservative soldier willing to spend more time learning the customs and languages of a nation that his military commander, Gen Petraeus, sought to pacify with COIN tactics, which that soldier exemplified in his studies. He has been reported to have become proficient in his weaponry by his own comrades whom he considered to be sub par performers themselves.

Far be it from me to ask that he at least have a fair trial before you hang him, me being narcissistic and all of that pop psychology that you are better versed than trained in.

But certain facts remain, and one of the biggest that should not be overlooked by anyone commenting on the situation, is you are not in possession of those facts. If you cannot be honest with yourselves, why should I listen to your delusions?

Update: The link


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