Where The Chips Landed

I followed a link from The Washington Monthly to this Daily Beast post which was written by a guy in Bergdahl’s unit. I also read Larry Johnson’s post, and Pat Lang’s post and observations.

Various and sundry responses to the story haven’t changed my opinion of what’s happening here. There are unanswered questions. Whether they ever will be probably doesn’t matter much either. Wars are dirty businesses, and without the utter destruction of the ‘enemy.’ there are no absolutes that those of us without all of the facts can ascertain, which I think comports with the principle of innocent until proven guilty. (This assertion too, must be weighted with a grain of salt, given the number of guilty beyond a resonable doubt verdicts of the American justice system that have been overturned in the last decade or two.) I have my suspicions about things, which like Chinese hacking and NSA spying, which once had me labelled as wackadoodle and paranoid, I choose to keep to myself, but then anyone that reads Bad Astronomer knows

I love optical illusions for a lot of reasons. As a scientist, they fascinate me, showing us how our visual and interpretation systems work. As a skeptic they embolden me, because they show that seeing should very, very rarely lead to believing; we are all too easily fooled in ways we don’t even notice.

Lest I be remiss and leave off the progressive perspective.


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