No Wonder We Can’t Win Wars Anymore

Little ass kissing here, a little ass kissing there, next thing you know you have a career at the Pentagon.

“In 1943, could anyone imagine FDR releasing five of Nazi Germany’s top leaders for a disgruntled soldier? Though it’s good news that Bergdahl has been freed, I believe this grossly uneven prisoner exchange will encourage Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists to seek out other U.S. military hostages,” Gordon wrote. “After Saturday’s swap, they are literally worth more than their weight in gold while in enemy hands.”

Seems to me that even the hallowed McCain understood, and still does, the danger to captured US servicemen because of the Guantanamo Bay prison system, and other black CIA sites, which are the fair-haired boys of the piss pant patriots, favored for torture and enhanced interrogation, which in my opinion dovetails very nicely with the current lack of strategic thinking inherent in that whole misguided lot.

Grab another cup of coffee Mr. Gordon and tell us, if you should know anything at all, about the strategic implications of this swap.

One of the basic tenets of computer security, or any security for that matter, is to think like the bad guys. Or in this case like the insiders. One of the major drawbacks of any structured education system is the channeling of patterns of thinking and expressing those thoughts with the jargon, references, and inferences of the discipline that one is trained in. Nothing wrong with that as long as one is dealing with insiders inside, but it does pose a problem with interdisciplinary projects, which is why programmers rarely write coherent comments in code as far as English majors are concerned, and the syntax of English is hardly feasible in writing code. God forbid I should wander off into math and English majors.

Mr. Gordon, and the rest, may as well be explaining to me that the Taliban and nazis of years of yore gone by are similar because they seem to have two hands, and one of them is left and one of them is right. Because the last war.

There is more going on here than meets the eye, and if anyone has bothered to read the Rolling Stone article I linked from Soonergrunt over at Balloon Juice, they would also be aware of the fact that this swap was coming down the pike two years ago, and that Mr. Bergdahl’s situational reality, and a host of other well ignored facts today are well-known inside the DC beltway, and for either diversion or the making of political hay to feed the rubes are catapulting this bullshit onto the American conscience, because as low of an opinion as I hold of these ass kissers, even I find it hard to believe that they are so utterly stupid as to believe the crap they are writing. Unless of course I am wrong and the title of this post is apropos, which I think closer to the truth than what we are hearing today of the dire consequences of the swap.

The Villagers may wish the blogs dead, yet so long as we continue to think, and question authority, they will always wish that to be so, so as not to be exposed for ass kissers and the yes men and women that they actually are.


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