My Worst Addiction

Online drug, ! it in send you flying
if I ain’t facing the wall, I;m surely dying.
Gotta get a fix, I’ll txt my needs over to you,
I gotta a phone smarter than either me or you, too.

The power of that Roman empire rested in its leaders’ control of communications. The Mediterranean was their lake. Across their European empire, from Scotland to Syria, they pushed roads that 15 centuries later were still primary arteries of European transportation. Down those roads the emperor marched his armies. Up those roads he gathered his intelligence. The emperors invented the posts to move couriers and messages at the fastest possible speed.

Using that infrastructure, with respect to everything that involved the administration of power, the emperor made himself the best-informed person in the history of the world.

That power eradicated human freedom. “Remember,” said Cicero to Marcellus in exile, “wherever you are, you are equally within the power of the conqueror.”

The empire of the United States after the second world war also depended upon control of communications. This was more evident when, a mere 20 years later, the United States was locked in a confrontation of nuclear annihilation with the Soviet Union. In a war of submarines hidden in the dark below the continents, capable of eradicating human civilisation in less than an hour, the rule of engagement was “launch on warning”. Thus the United States valued control of communications as highly as the Emperor Augustus. Its listeners too aspired to know everything.

You know when fckers can’t put down the phone long enough to drive a missile down the freeway, something is seriously wrong in their heads. How important can that sht be really?

The thing is is your sending that stuff not through your infrastructure, through the big government’s infrastructure, and don’t give me the private companies infrastructure, like those lickspits are anything but a distinction without a difference.

And your asxs is hooked, just like the heroin addict, cigarette smoking and adle brained alcoholics you sneer at when you’re not texting the Earth shaking tweets and txt messages to your friends.

Free people my ass.

Ht /.

Methadone linkage for the paranoid, but still happily addicted. This stuff requires encrytion before you put it on the wire or in the air, which may preclude you using it as it also might entail RTFMs.


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