Flying The GOP Flag

For those about to serve, we salute you!

This is a problem that affects veterans, too: The Pew’s Stateline estimates that around 250,000 uninsured veterans would be eligible for Medicaid if their states accepted the expansion.

The point here isn’t to minimize the problems at the VA, which need to be fixed — and fast. But anyone who feels morally outraged over the extended wait times at the VA should be appalled by the literally endless wait times the poor are enduring in the states that are refusing to expand Medicaid.

This sort of ideological purity, via dKos, brings to mind this post linked to by Atrios, because we are dealing with essentially the same frame of mind,

No matter how much any of these people — every one of whom holds himself out to the world as a journalist, every one of whom is at least chronologically an adult — cares about the First Amendment, or about a free, watchdog press, or about the notion of a fourth estate, or even about democracy itself, what they care about more is seeing someone they dislike getting called names. Maybe they care about a free press and all that a great deal. Maybe they care not at all. But however much they care, they care more about finding a way for that disliked person to get taken down a peg.

That describes the Republican obstruction of Obama’s policies for the last six years, wanting Obama to fail has always been more important than any issue that he may have addressed, including closing Gitmo, a festering canker on America’s ass that could have been excised with the transfer of prisoners to an under utilized facility in Illinois.

Which reminds me of the “Get a room!”, meme not too long ago, directed at a young couple kissing too provocatively in public. (I’ll leave that to the reader to exercise, if they so wish.)

One must conclude that small mindedness in DC is inversely proportional to the number of small minds therein, and where, “know thyself,” is probably more applicable to previous graph than the current one.


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