Tweeter & The Monkey Man VA Vol. Nth!

Tweeter was a Boy Scout
before she went to Vietnam
found out the hard way
that nobody gives a damn.

The VA was given an impossible task given its structure, funding levels, and most importantly the number of bodies needing its services because our leaders are fighting wars in a vacuum. They choose to forget that the fighters of those wars will need substantial care. To solve the impossible task, administrators likely fraudulently cooked the books to give a semblance of success. Of course the veterans ultimately pay the price with their health and their lives.

Rachel Maddow had a very prescient statement:

There is a modern American dysmorphia when it comes to veterans. We see things that aren’t really there. We tell ourselves that we are doing things that we are not really doing. We have a poetry in this country about our love and respect for veterans that is not matched by the prose of how veterans are actually treated.

It’s not just our veterans, it’s not just our wars, not just our economy, not just our religion, not just our political reality where the poetry of American is at odds with the prose of America.

America is all about the unreality of the poetry, the blindness to the prose. Isn’t that what American “exceptionalism” really is? Living an illusion so we don’t have to admit we are living a lie?

Take Memorial Day, it’s not about the veterans, Veteran’s Day is about the veterans, Memorial Day is about the dead.


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