Mergers And Acquisition Versus Innovation

Simple really, building for value instead of valuation.

Special Report China will become the world’s biggest economy this year, overtaking the United States in GDP. As the FT drily notes, “Most economists previously thought China would pull ahead in 2019.”

Most economist missed the last two bubbles, the economic collapse and so badly botched the recovery as to make the term recovery a farce, yet they are doubling down on their theories in the hope that 35 years of decline can be turned around if we just wish harder. Innovation!

Meanwhile back at the ranch,

The maths skills of teenagers in parts of the deep south of the United States are worse than in countries such as Turkey and barely above countries such as Chile and Mexico.

Maybe the south should spend less time touting its heritage and spend a little more time thinking about its legacy.

Southern states Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana are among the weakest performers, with results similar to developing countries such as Kazakhstan and Thailand.

West Virginia is also among the group of lowest performers, where maths levels are far below western European countries or high-performing Asian education systems in South Korea or Singapore.

The pdf is all of thirty pages, which you won’t read because you know, the universe was made in six Earth days, so it’s OK if stupid lasts a lifetime if I ain’t gotta read nothin’.


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