Give Me Back My P.O.T.S.

Yea, this modern consolidation of ‘high’ speed internet services is a vast improvement over snail mail and smoke signals.

I suppose I’m not the only one rolling on the floor laughing over the indictment of Chinese military personnel over haxing Murica, given that our government can’t indict bankers who have managed to crash the economic system, while encouraging American capitalist patriots to move their manufacturing over seas to China.

Next thing you know we will be expected to believe the BS about Ukraine, snugly ensconced in the reality bubble of, “would we lie to you?” The thing about drugs is they eventually wear off, when compared to the tripping on the unreality the American government would have us believe, and the media dealers that push the kool aid.

If you think that the other guys, “over there,” aren’t getting the same disinformation then you really have lost your critical thinking abilities. But it is important, to be aware of it at the least,to understand it if you can. Their group think engenders the same patriotism as ours does to us.


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