The Net! It Changes!

We got the home page blues,
and you know that it’s true,
when push comes to pull
the news pushes onto you
just don’t tell me to come a looking
I’ll read it when I choose.


You know some of us are still digging
just don’t know what or what for,
somebody knows what’s happening
somebody knows what’s the score,
if you find that somebody that’s pushing
you’ll always go back for some more.

Outside the rains a pouring
but inside the weathers fine
sometimes you gotta do them both
just to stay between the lines
and with the world crashing and burning
you can burn its bones into lime.

Now I ain’t much for four verses
but it happens all the time
if I ever make it to the fifth one
the sixth one always blows my mind,
just like finding something good to do
it always comes back to you in kind.


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