Friday Night Deja Vu

Patriot games,

In February, “The Washington Post” newspaper exposed the scandalous treatment of wounded vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these wounded vets, with life-changing physical and mental impairments, were being housed in wretched apartments for more than a year at Walter Reed, the most famed military hospital in the country. These vets were having to file health claims with 5-10 different Army departments, none of which were actually on-site at Walter Reed. Kind of makes it hard to file for help, when you have no legs and are supposed to somehow get to Virginia in the snow by yourself. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and many other problems were rampant in the rat-infested, moldly apartment units.

The only way to fix this is with tax cuts for the job creating class and reducing entitlements for the moochers and takers.

Or something.


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