Did Abramson Hurt Sulzberger And Thompson’s Feelings?

Oh to humanity of it all,

But if Abramson’s demise is about gender, it’s also about newsroom values—and here, the implications are almost as troubling. At NYMag.com, Gabriel Sherman describes how she clashed with Thompson over native advertising or ads designed to look like editorial content. He writes about how she resisted Thompson’s push for a greater emphasis on online video, and about how she enraged him by sending a journalist to investigate his role in the unfolding Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal at the BBC, which he led before going to the Times. In all of these conflicts, she was right, and in two of them, she was defending fundamental journalist principles.

I have a little experience at ticking off CEOs and CFOs, which allows more time for doing other things, and does not detract from the pay disparity issue one bit, but it does highlight the ass kissing syndrome of those, who reach the top – or otherwise, and cannot stand to be challenged in their thinking, even between bouts of playing army man and/or being Very Serious People.



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