Everything You Need To Know About Ukraine

But the American media wouldn’t report, broken down by American factions, Western European factions and the Russian faction of Putin.

The West is likely to express its unhappiness with these developments by blaming Russia for them and imposing more sanctions on it. The extent to which they will go depends on the internal tussle between the neocons in the USA and Merkel and her allies in Europe, who will bear the brunt of the blowback from them (and, of course, on which way Obama tilts, if he does at all). However, it is already apparent that the reality of the double-edged effect of sanctions is sinking in even among the War Party. As Alastair Crooke points out, Russia is not afraid of sanctions, and this will not alter the course of developments in the Ukraine. All they will lead to is a much more confrontational and insecure world in the future.

Not to be missed, IMHO, are a series of posts at Moon of Alabama, which some of you may recall as hosting comments on BillMons post when he disabled comments at his blog.

And as per the link in in the article linked in the first graph above,

Following five days in Moscow, a few thoughts on Russian perspectives: Firstly, we are beyond the Crimea. That is over. We too are beyond ‘loose’ federalism for Ukraine (no longer thought politically viable). Indeed, we are most likely beyond Ukraine as a single entity. Also, we are beyond either Kiev or Moscow having the capacity to ‘control’ events (in the wider sense of the word): both are hostage to events (as well as are Europe and America), and to any provocations mounted by a multitude of uncontrollable and violent activists.

Noe to make this post overly long and filled with seemingly disparate topics which I leave for you to connect together into the most rational narrative of current events confronting the American people.


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