Don’t Blame Obama

Blame Teddy Roosevelt

The New Nationalism was not a shallow piece of rhetoric thrown together for the campaign; it represented a carefully thought-through analysis of American society and the role that government ought to play. Roosevelt had been intuitively moving in this direction during his second term, but he found the historical and philosophical analysis he needed in a book by Herbert Croly entitled The Promise of American Life (1909). Croly argued that there were two basic strands in American political thought, which he termed Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian. The former, Croly argued, had become identified in the public mind with strong government, aristocracy and special privilege, while the Jeffersonian dogma of weak government had become identified with democracy, equal rights and equal opportunity. Croly called for an amalgam of the two, the use of Hamiltonian means to achieve Jeffersonian ends. Americans had to do this, Croly argued, because of the new facts of industrial life.

Emphasis mine.

No wonder people think they can tear up federal land holding archaeological sites by using four wheelers illegally while demanding the government secure the borders, or demand abortion rights while deploring the immorality of the death penalty, or government tax subsidies for business and industry without regulation from big government.

Democrats and Republicans both do it because it is ingrained in their philosophy of governance without any really clear demarcation of where one begins and the other ends.

To say that some people exploit this for personal or economic gains would be redundant. Quoting the Constitution in relation to the founding fathers is as well.

Also too, Bengoozle!!


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