The New Normal

Is still new,

“People are used to seeing two people being intimate during the NFL draft. Just not these two people,” said Davis, who is gay. “It’s not necessarily people being homophobic. I think people push back naturally because it’s so much out of the norm.”

Sam’s embrace of Cammisano was instinctive, not a plotted-out statement, said Howard Bragman, the vice chairman of and public relations expert has been working with Sam.

“Once you make that leap as a gay person (to come out), you want to live your life openly and freely and not use a filter of what’s appropriate according to social norms,” Bragman said Saturday, adding, “If today is about anything, it’s about being able to do that and being authentic.”

I think you do want what’s appropriate according to social norms, I just don’t think there ought to be a distinction in norms for gays and heteros.

On the other hand I don’t think that rural and urban dwellers are going to have the same social norms, at the same rate. In saying that I’m not saying that rural people are more intolerant, but having less exposure to things makes them see changed patterns of behavior as less normative, while any more exposure may tend to make them feel put upon, and not with just gay civil rights, but other issues as well. But to say they are homophobic, or bumpkins is to mislead oneself on rural Americans, and is indicative of urban thinking short comings.

Everybody needs to be cool about things. Haters are going to hate, but then that is issue neutral for them.


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