Leaving The Gay Emo Behind

Two long, but necessary reads I think, from Tao Security, Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China and The Cult of the Quick dealing with the strategic implications in our changing world, which cannot help but affect domestic conditions and policy, which heretofore have been overlooked by most political commentators on the left and right, busy dealing with the ever present cultural issues, and thus in many respects proving themselves to be as inept at tactical thinking as they are of strategic thinking abilities, which these two articles address.

The title is purposely hostile in nature, not in intent so as to catch your attention, and perhaps persuade enough of you, left and right, to come to grasp with the future we are heading into, not the past that is lost, or the present with its’ varying degrees of self righteousness that grants the holder of such righteousness the right to bore the rest of us to tears.

Many of us have, rightly so I think, focused on the continuing deterioration of the American economy, and the seemingly endless extraction of wealth from the lower to the upper quintiles, as the politicians in DC load their pockets with the largess of contributions from the moneyed classes necessary to the electoral political reality, that like the weather, everyone is talking about, but noone is doing anything about.

Looking at just one hot topic, the TPP, from the summary of the Balancing without Conflict piece, there is a strategic consideration that may or may not have to do with aiding big business to the detriment of the middle class,

Selectively Deepen Globalization. The United States should make trade liberalization a top priority. Since comprehensive global liberalization remains a distant goal, Washington should work to quickly conclude key regional trade pacts, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which promise increased relative gains to the United States and its allies vis-à-vis China.

To be sure I’m giving it short shrift here, I urge you to read the whole thing, long as it may be.

The point I am trying to make here is, what policies need to be enacted by Congress, to mitigate the economic impact of strategic policies, obscured by the bullshit from the current conservative obstructionist movement that seems to be as clueless about strategic thinking as the liberals.


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