Just To Be Clear

In case anyone thinks I’m just ragging on Microsoft, I’m so old I can remember when Dos 3.2 was a big improvement over Dos 3.0/1 and was probably better than Dos 3.3, Dos 4.0 was kind of a kludge, and 5.0 almost better than peanut butter. I remember Windows 3.0 was greatly relieved at 3.1 and installed 3.11 at a couple of sites.

I remember Win95 beta was offered in Computer Shopper, and was free, and stuck with that until XP with raw! sockets! was released, (boy do I remember XP,) and until 8.0 I’ve used every desktop they put out with varying levels of satisfaction, including liking Vista, which is more than I say for a lot of Microsoft religionists.

It isn’t like I hate the outfit. I have legitimate concerns about 8.1. I spent an hour or so looking for more info on that issue and didn’t find anything useful to pass along.



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