Reset The Net

Giving the man the three finger salute,

“A year after Snowden’s shocking revelations, the NSA is still spying on innocent Americans without a warrant,” said CREDO Mobile’s president and co-founder Michael Kieschnick in a statement. “CREDO will continue to demand Congress and the president take action to stop unconstitutional mass warrantless surveillance, and until we win real reform, we will encourage users to adopt encryption tools to protect their personal communications from government abuse of the 1st and 4th amendment.”

The cornerstone of the campaign calls on web users and site managers to increase cyber-protections by using encryption and other technologies that would curtail government access to otherwise private information. In addition to posting web banners (or splash banners) on June 5, participants are asked to incorporate proven security measures to their online habits or add such features to the sites they manage.

So long as the government priority is invasive snooping, there is actually no respect for Constitutional safeguards in any branch of the federal government, then vendors have no compelling reason to build security features into their products which don’t require luser input or action.

When was the last time you actually lifted the hood on your car and checked the oil?


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