Some Things Change

A hard habit to break,Slashdot has an interesting link to The Atlantic on note taking by hand.

Which makes me wonder if reading comprehension is affected by using electronic devices, as opposed to books and magazines. I hope not* since I almost use the Kindles exclusively today, which has left me with a bad habit of reading more than one book on any given day.

However taking notes by hand still seems to be the preferred method of learning the information, which is technical in nature. (Absolute OpenBSD and Linux Bible,) I’m doing it this way, I think, because the structure of time is similar to what I experienced in college. Both books require extensive lab work so it works out to being similar to two 4 hr courses.

But I wonder if youngsters have better learning experience with digital books or dead trees. The note taking is really the only thing I do the same as I did years ago, but I think I’m learning as much as is possible this way, sans lectures and Q&As, which I think are as important as the book and labs.

* an edit occurred


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