The Power Elite & Why Democrats Will Fail In The Midterms

Atrios points out that Democrats don’t even try,

Except for 2006, when they, you know, won, this is always the Dem approach to midterm elections. Don’t make it a national campaign. Don’t be too specific about policy. Make your election about biography and character. Don’t spend any money until after Labor Day, then spend it all on teevee. Then they lose and it’s all, well, our voters suck because they stayed home sucky voters, probably because of those negative Daily Kos diaries.

C Wright Mills wrote the overview in the fifties, back before Eisenhower warned the American people about them in his farewell address, and the military industrial complex, which is well embedded in politics to the point we spend $ billions on F-35s that don’t fly, and other horse crap we don’t need for wars we will never fight, using branches of the service that are hardly more useful than tonsils or appendix, unless of course you happen to be getting rich all by your own efforts, because you weren’t born rich, you just happen to be a third generation legacy at Yale due to extraordinary efforts on your own part.Or you happen to be ignorant of your own situation in the grand scam of things.

Democrats are in the tank, because they are part and parcel of the Power Elites. What do you think actually tanked John Edwards, or Howard Dean?

Or do actually believe the horseshit coming out of the American media?


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