I guess the long over due discussion of race has begun.

On that note, Digby has a good graph up, which is worth a look if you wish to address the issue, and not just condemn the actions of cadres of ignorance and hate.

There will always be some racists. It’s deeply embedded in American culture and frankly, the human species. But the Cliven Bundys of the world are dying off and they aren’t being replaced. He may have 14 kids who have the same attitudes but there are 114 out there for every one of them who don’t see the world that way.

It gives you hope.

It’s a process that some people just haven’t begun, some out of isolation, others out of hatred plain and simple. I would think it wiser to start off of the assumption that racists are ignorant, not stupid, and isolated, or within bubbles of views that comport with their own. But what Digby says, these folks are leaving the scene.


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