In The Beginning There Was Blog

And Blog was without name, and direction.
And the spirit of the blogger was moving to and fro across the pixel free box.
And the blogger said, “Let there be words.”
And in forty minutes there were words.
And the words were words worthy of writing-
as first things usually are.
And there was a blog.
And a first post.
And the blogger looked upon all that they had written
and cast upon the Internets
And the blogger said cool.
Yet clever is not known to sleep too long
And Meh was awakened.

Now what Blog had wrought in a vacuum was not to be wrought in a vacuum,

And there were many blogs.
And some of the blogs were in Sphere and some of the blogs were in Stan
And a war of the blog tagging and cat pictures ensued amongst the ancients –
Those that had given away free, as in freedom, software,
Those that had received free, as in like beer and information.
And the readers thereof.

(Insert Hank Williams Cheating Heart Video here With Bleeding Heart Logo & Links for the uninformed.)

On the second day Blog Created Lint. “Nuff said”


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