The Resurrection Cause You Problems?

Always with the controversy.

One of the problems I have with orthodox Christianity is the Romanization of names, so that the shadow of things to come inherent in Judaism is obscured in Christianity. Like the story of Joshua, who after Moses passed away, led the tribes into the promised land. Moses only saw the promised land. There was no Torah, and hence no law until Moses. After entering the promised land and conquering what areas they could each man went his own way and did what was right in his own eyes according to that law, which Christianity holds as Holy and perfect in its’ way. Before there were kings, there were judges.

Christians are under the law of Christ, the law of love. That superseded the law of Moses with us. The resurrection was not for our benefit, it was for Joshua’s benefit. God fulfilled His promises to Jesus, and Moses He had made in both the laws and prophets.

Wee know Jesus appeared in locked rooms and displayed his physical wounds to the Apostles in those rooms, so something more than an either or is going on here. Like many things Christians dispute amongst themselves over, this was not considered important enough to enumerate to the nth degree, such as things like loving your enemies and loving the weak and poor and various other things that many of you do not do, having judged yourselves superior to all others in your own faith and denomination, in opposition to the Scriptural instructions.

But as I wrote earlier, if you’re hung up on the physicality of God and Christ then you’re missing the point entire.

The answer is love ladies and gentlemen, love.

Try it, you might like it. It works for God.


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