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Arstechnia has posted a link to a Netcraft browser extension to check sites for the Heartbleed snafu.

Naturally I’m running it now so you don’t have to. At any rate this site gets a big red bar, 1) because Netcraft has never seen it, (their luck has, I’m happy to report, run out,)

“New Site” means the site you are currently visiting has not been seen before by the Netcraft Web Server Survey. This indicates that the site is very new and should be considered less trustworthy than other sites. Since most phishing sites spring up overnight and disappear just as quickly, you should be extremely suspicious if you see this when visiting what you believe to be a trustworthy site.

Unless I’ve been pwnd here, then I can can assure you that I’m not phishing, but then as we all know, YMMV.

The second noteworthy observation is that the site lacks PFS

PFS, or Perfect Forward Secrecy, is a property of an SSL connection which ensures that previously recorded encrypted traffic cannot be easily decrypted if the SSL private key later becomes available – for example, as a result of a court order, social engineering, an attack against the website or cryptanalysis.

That I don’t find all that shocking, but as we all know, YMMV.

The other change is using the link tool in the last two posts, just to add additional burden to myself.

The only other PITA of notice here is your IP address shows up in the comment notification sent to me by WordPress. I have no idea what I’m expected to do with that information, but as per the previous graph, maybe the three-letter boys and evil haxors do. You never know since America went weird.

As far as the book stuff goes, imma on page 2.

Also too: Commenters at Ars say the extension is ugly in Firefox, but this is coming at you from the Chromebook, and looks OK.


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