The United Oligarchy States of America?

An anonymous reader writes

“Researchers from Princeton University and Northwestern University have concluded, after extensive analysis of 1,779 policy issues, that the U.S. is in fact an oligarchy and not a democracy. What this means is that, although ‘Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance,’ ‘majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts

Supporting the observation of Taibbi

The former Rolling Stone writer, who joined Glenn Greenwald and company at The Intercept earlier this year, said in an interview Tuesday with Democracy Now! that George W. Bush boasts a much stronger track record of going after corporate America than President Barack Obama.

Which is obviously so in Arizona

At Alternet, Aaron Cantú writes Inside the Private Prison Industry’s Alarming Spread Across America:

On a recent Friday afternoon, with budget negotiations winding down, Arizona state representative John Kavanagh was racing against the clock. His position as House Appropriations Chairman afforded him the opportunity to stuff whatever minor extra provisions he wanted into the budget before it went to a vote the following Monday, and he only had a few hours left to do it.

Partly explained by the fact that people will vote to protect their interest more often than they will vote to improve their situation

New research finds a remarkable correlation between the amount of money an American makes and their likelihood of voting in a presidential election.

The chart below, based on Census data analyzed by the liberal think tank Demos, illustrates the relationship between income and voter turnout.

It’s only a hop skip and jump to the professional army to the mercenary army to the Praetorian Guards, but what do I know, I’m just a blogger – Who’s familiar with history.


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