What You Need To Know Today On The Internet

The Internet is a hierarchy of computer networks that dissolves hierarchies. This has led to some confusion, great and small about what is a hierarchy, and what isn’t, is too, a hierarchy.

Te internet increases GDP by employees wasting time on it. It deals with the intangible with the tangible, confuses the distinction between reality and virtual reality, as the virtual reality becomes more and more real for virtually the entire planet, and as individuals define themselves, and are defined by others, by their online personas, which may or may not reflect their defined selves in the real world, and could in fact be either entirely too real or spoofed.

The internet, is a proper noun and should have been capitalized, but this my United States of Whatever, so neener, neener, to the hierarchy of English language church ladies.

The internet is no longer a series of inter-connected tubes, but has grown into the Interwebs, a series of inter-connected tubes without the bells and whistles of cultural references.

Being aware of all internet traditions is a good way to scar yourself for life, so ignorance, like stupidity, is a good place to start, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Somethings the internet cannot help you with, and this is one of those things, so be careful what you read online. Compounded zeros look impressive but still amount to zeros, so don’t be one.

Search engines can find anything on the internet except what you should have said last night when you argued with your spouse, who invariably would have had a response to that had you had it anyway, so a rule of thumb is not to argue with your spouse. Sex is not the only thing in life that can be spontaneous, but in a pinch it will do. Outside is a car, you could also go someplace with the spouse and have sex there as well.

This post could be updated, but for the moment the coffee pot has spontaneously brewed coffee, so the spouse must have set the timer, and I now have something better to do with my time than waste yours.


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