I’m Fighting To Restore Clichéd Thinking

I appeal to the higher authority of Mr. Koch’s appeals to higher authories.

What it boils down to is no one likes to be told what to do, or not to do. We learn that as children, and as adults we learn that sometimes it is necessary to tell children what they can and can’t do, like play with matches, whether they are inside the house or out. A government is a system of balancing competing interests, ( or the more cynical might say a system of keeping the rubes in the dark and the peasants under control, yet I digress,) and some of those interests are those of business, and others of the masses of people without access to public officials except through the ballot box.

We in America tend to conflate our economic and political systems, and some manage to conflate their religion into the stew, which makes empirical policy impossible, rational policy difficult, and magical thinking the order of the day.

Contrary to the 1%ers or even the .01%ers assertion of belief, the rest of us don’t give a rats ass about your wealth, more power to you, with tongue in cheek, but what we do object to is using that wealth and power to work against the interests of the majority of the people, and ultimately the wealthy themselves, who seem intent on destroying the very thing that allowed them to become wealthy, using sweeping generalizations and agrieved missives instead of logical rational arguments.

There is nothing to add to, or subtract from Mr. Koch’s current piece because he has not, in fact, said anything at all.


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