What’s Wrong With Capitalism Today

Is that the bottom line, shareholder’s interest only capitalism deprives those who produce the benefits of a capitalist system from the benefits of hard work for good pay, an honest wage for an honest days work that provides both time and leisure to invest in that enterprise, however large or small, that any particular individual may so choose to do at their pleasure.

That is of course a little too much moralizing, per Mr. Smith. I would however think that a nation of increasing investment, not less due to poor pay and benefits, should ultimately be more profitable for all. Money is the only thing that rolls uphill, we all know that. We may not be all bright and shiny like you but we’re not stupid either.

I will note for the record the bottom line angle of these thoughts. As Mom would say, you’ve been a very naughty boy and girl.

It just seems stupid to me to conduct business this way.


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