Conservatists, The Basics

1. Roll back political democracy, ie power to the people
2. Roll back economic democracy, ie demand for political democracy.

All the rest of it is just bullshit to deceive the rubes.

They’ll give the religious fundamentalists all the street urchins they can stand to walk past, while sniffing at the moral decay of the peasants, so long as the good Christians continue to vote for the people who hold the basic views.

Look only at DC and Wall Street. Above the law?

Then ask yourself, who makes the laws, and who benefits from those laws?

This isn’t rocket science, even the religious should be able to deduce it. They intend to have the government they deserve, whether the rest of the world deserves it or not. If only God had made willful ignorance as great a sin as human frailty.

But don’t kid yourself by being diverted and focusing on the false flags covering the tools.


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