Handy News Is Handy News

& that’s news you can use,

And legacy media remains resilient. Despite the rise of digital, this research showed that nearly half of 18 to 29 year olds read the news in print, as well as getting their news via social media networks or on the Web. Three in four watched television news and just over half listened to the news on the radio.

“People have preferences for how they get different types of news,” Agiesta said. “What they want from a particular organizations is dictated by the topic of the news.”

Oh the fun I could have with that.


Contrary to general wisdom that media consumption differs by age—older people read print newspapers; teenagers watch online videos—a study released on Monday shows that the type and urgency of a news story, rather than audience demographics, determine where Americans go for their news. And people across generations use a variety of different platforms to receive news.

Astute readers will note the power of the blog!


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