Douthat’s Generation Will Fix That

Post racial America,

African-American students and students with disabilities are suspended at “hugely disproportionate rates compared to white students,” said a report by the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative, which includes experts from fields such as advocacy, policy, social science and law. Latino students, girls of color, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students also were disproportionately suspended — a punishment the report said increases dropout risks and helps push troubled students out of classrooms and into the justice system.

The problem with this problem is it’s complexity, which requires more rational thinking than the emotive human tends to do when confronted with nonconformity in a Stanford experimental environment. Nothing will kill non-authoritarianism quicker than having some authority.

Given the demographics of my youth, most of these children would not have been in any of the schools I attended in the first place, for various reasons. It is one thing to grow up in a multicultural diverse nation, and quite another to have grown up in one that was in such a unique situation, as America was after World War Two, of becoming one. I would suppose a bad analogy is if you grew up with the internet it isn’t that big of a deal, while those of us that used to write letters to pen pals find it a sea change in communications. I was raised in a scientific community in New Mexico with black and white television that received three channels, and people spent considerably more time listening to AM radio, which played music, not yakity yak.

The civil rights movement, while huge, was, and remains, a movement. The glacier can calf an iceberg, but it takes a sea change to melt it completely. Meanwhile the glacier is calving another iceberg. It’s a process that can neither be halted nor hurried. Fortunately it is an analogy, humans have the ability to adapt, and some of them do so by moving back into cold waters, while others rush headlong into the tropics. The effects described in the Stanford experiment are going to affect those that cannot handle having authority regardless of their adaptive abilities to changing demographics and mores. We can be sure however, that should the civil rights movement obtain perfect equality among the races, sexes, orientations and whatnot, the inability of some people to handle authority will remain a constant.

I suppose I should add sourcing and apologize for the original link.


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