World + Dog Surrenders To NSA

“Would we lie to you?”, appeases critics who have nothing to hide.

“Technical capability must be understood within the legal, policy, and operational context within which the capability must be employed. NSA’s authorities require that its foreign intelligence operations support valid national security requirements, protect the legitimate privacy interests of all persons, and be as tailored as feasible. NSA does not use its technical capabilities to impersonate U.S. company websites. Nor does NSA target any user of global Internet services without appropriate legal authority. Reports of indiscriminate computer exploitation operations are simply false.”

Well OK then. Meanwhile did you know that Europe has over fifty kinds of cheese, some of which is missing on a missing aircraft? No, not Amelia’s cheese. No, not Amelia’s aircraft.

And someone should do something about Vlad “Boris” Putin lying to Congress and the American people about his benign intentions toward the Ukraine, after all, all civilized nations lie to the US Congress and American people. With appropriate legal authority too, and also too it’s the Brits what done the spying on the Congress. Pesky Brits, always trying to regain their empire by subverting the colonies with the English language.


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