The Ends Justify The Means

According to Russia and the CIA. In two recent cases. None dare mention James Polk, because that is so OK when we do it.

That government of convenience, by convenience and for convenience shall not perish from the Earth.

I don’t think Abe done it thisa way.

Now on to America in decline since 1981. Well, I can’t recall. But that’s OK when the President does it. Ooops. Back to the future of the past deja vu! It’s like Yogi Berra all over again! Next up – the missile gap! America in decline! We used to be the hyper power, now everyone has nuclear weapons and missiles! We used to have factories and mills, now everyone but us does! Ohhh the humanity of it all.

Elementary my dear Watson. Homes Homes on the range is a dead later (and letter also too,), or tune. But please don’t whistle past the grave yard, for life is dynamic, all else static. Speaking of static, I’m shocked shocked I tell you! ( Details to be release later after redactions of names, numbers and pointed fingers worked to the bone, of course.

The only cliché we have to fear, is the one you hold sweet and dear.)

Meanwhile it has been asserted that the world’s population of living humans would be better served if their leaders scrubbed a toilet once in a while. The dead humans expressed no preference, their massive influence being what people who don’t scrub toilets says it is, and yes, I am looking at you. “So what are the dead up to today, young man?”

“Don’t delay, decay today!”

Oy vey!


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