The Real Problem With The ACA

None dare call it fraud.

I can understand, to some extent, conservatives problem with ‘socialism’, even if they’ve never seen it, as a concept. I disagree with them, but at least I understand the economic concept. So I understand the free unregulated market economics as well, which is what this story is actually about.

We can use all sorts of euphemisms, and do, for political advantage or entertainment, (see CPAC,) but to call this unregulated bill collection is an exercise in delusion. For who in their right mind would tolerate this sort of grifting in any of their other business transactions?

If conservatives are as pro free enterprise as they say they are they ought to do something to make it at least function in a way such that they don’t appear to be barkers in a two-bit carnival, enticing the rubes into the tent to hear the two-headed bearded lady’s duet of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.


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