None Dared Call It Horse Manure

Into the valley of dearth rode the six dunderers,

Europe would face the “great danger of a real shooting conflict” if Russian forces moved beyond Crimea to enter the main part of eastern Ukraine, William Hague has said as he accused Vladimir Putin of a major miscalculation.

As if no one in the western world was actually paying attention to what is going on in the world, other than Mike Huckabee getting shivers when Putin takes of his shirt on the Siberian tundra,

As the foreign secretary warned of another “frozen conflict” in Europe, the energy secretary, Ed Davey, said gas prices could increase if the Ukraine crisis escalated into a military conflict.

But the foreign secretary, who said Putin had implemented carefully prepared plans to assume control of Crimea, acknowledged none of the options on the table – diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions – would be able to remove Russian forces from the Black Sea peninsula.

I’ve never equated civilization with being moronic, but then I never considered the possibility that we would invade Iraq for what some beard in a cave in Afghanistan did either.

I liked it better when conservatives gave the appearance of being stupid, instead of acting on their impulses and ruining the charade.


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