Snoopware In The Server Farm

Load balanced hacking, for fun and profit,

Canada’s Citizen Lab has added to its record of uncovering government snooping using Hacking Team’s software, has dropped a bombshell: it’s accused 12 American data centres of hosting clients deploying the spyware.

In its latest report, Hacking Team’s US Nexus, Citizen Lab* says there are 114 servers in America, in at least a dozen data centres, that are part of RCS (Remote Control Software) circuits.

You may want to follow the links at el Reg on this one.

To further improve your mood,

HTTPS may be good at securing financial transactions, but it isn’t much use as a privacy tool: US researchers have found that a traffic analysis of ten HTTPS-secured Web sites yielded “personal data such as medical conditions, legal or financial affairs or sexual orientation”.

In I Know Why You Went to the Clinic: Risks and Realization of HTTPS Traffic Analysis, (Arxiv, here), UC Berkeley researchers Brad Miller, AD Joseph and JD Tygar and Intel Labs’ Ling Huang show that even encrypted Web traffic can leave enough breadcrumbs on the trail to be retraced.

Never has so much been spent, by so many, for so much dull.

I suppose a work around is to use Mozilla in multiple VTs and open all in tabs of selected groups of websites, then mailing the links to the user using the blogsite, but that’s way too much effort for me. YMMV.

Anyway, or how, I would imagine we are just scratching the surface of the too much money and time on their hands mankind acculates like *ghost turds under the bed.

*Dust bunnies for you church ladies that wouldn’t say sh!@t if you had a mouth full of it.


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