Just Saying

Russia still has the capability to destroy the United States.

But again, caution. A lot of people have psychological, ideological and political reasons for exaggerating Russian power. Which means exaggerating the danger and pushing for a more extreme response. We shouldn’t fall into that trap.

Whatever relative strength Russia may have in economic and conventional military power, their nuclear strike capabilities are what they are. That isn’t to say I think that they are suicidal, any more than we, or for that matter Israel and Iran are. But the idea that US and Russian forces should find themselves in the proximity of an engagement is as insane as looking for virgins in current mess of interference in the internal affairs of the Ukraine. As Sun Tzo said, to surround an enemy, you must leave him a way of escape. Well everyone is surrounded here. Where are the exits?

Update: US State Department Cancels Kerry’s Visa! Oh wait!


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