Missing The Point On Medicaid

It’s not about who might abuse the system, although that is actually a shared concern I have with Republicans,

More than a decade ago, Arkansas Rep. Josh Miller (R) was in a catastrophic car accident that broke his neck and left him paralyzed. Medicare and Medicaid paid the $1 million bill for his hospitalization and rehabilitation.

But this week, as the Arkansas legislature has debated continuing its privatized Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, Miller has remained steadfast in his opposition.

which I think is better addressed through other mechanisms,

The difference, he said, is that some of the 100,000 people who have gained coverage through Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion don’t work hard enough or just want access to the program so they can purchase and abuse prescription drugs.

“My problem is two things,” Miller said. “One, we are giving it to able-bodied folks who can work … and two, how do we pay for it?”

Always with the negative waves, man.

First off I think prescription drug abuse is a larger problem than Medicaid, and in fact Medicaid abuse may alleviate some of the ancillary thefts and fraud of prescription drug abuse by middle class Americans, but over all I think prescription drug abuse needs to be addressed by legislation dealing with doctor shopping, and physician abuses of privilege.

The solution is not to make life more miserable for those who actually need medical services so you can prevent the few from abusing the system. By that logic all intersections should be four way stops. That won’t stop the abusers, but it will impress upon the honest drivers the need to address the scofflaws with their own inconvenience.

As for paying for it, I would suggest expanding the economy, through jobs programs if necessary, thus reducing the pool of those eligible for government assistance, while increasing the revenue of state and local governments due to the velocity.

I am rather dubious of public servants whose primary public service is serving the needs of private interests, and while I am becoming inured to Republicans throwng cow chips as political rhetoric, it was rathe unsettling to see them actually wallowing in their own manure.


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