The Mess That Is Homeland Security

The government reorganization fail exposed during the Boston Marathon bombings shows that nothing really changed but the moving of the deck chairs. We couldn’t connect the dots of 911, ostensibly because of a lack of inter-agency communications then either.

While the debate, if one wishes to ascribe the term to the current conversation on governmental spying, remains political, and thus emotional, the problems of national security concerns goes unaddressed. In short, nothing has improved for the President since Harry Truman signed the CIA into existence. Information is known yet withheld for various and sundry reasons from not only the President, but other intelligence agencies for purposes that decidedly do not serve the national interests or security of the United States.

Instead we have flag waving and log-rolling as one faction or another tries to out patriot another for the sake of self-satisfaction and self-appeasement. Intelligence, especially security intelligence in this state is nearly useless, and that is what we should be discussing, not whether James Clapper is a professional liar. If we are going to indulge ourselves with the economics of Downton Abbey then we should be willing to indulge ourselves of that truth from MI-5, which is that the security agency chiefs are indeed professional liars, if not to the heads of their respective states, then to their respective publics.

Mr. Clapper, of course, asserts that greater good is the saving of lives and property, whereas the carefree exercise of liberty is of less import to the general health of a republic.

Without getting overly accusatory, I think we need to stop and ask ourselves just what Osama bin Laden’s vision of victory would entail, not what ours would. The nation that was once united not only among themselves, but with the rest of the civilized world, is now showing all the cracks and dissolution of the dam in, A Bridge Too Far Force 10 From Navarone. It is the pressure of water that destroys the dam, not the explosive device itself, which only starts the chain reaction.

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